Watch the beautifully-British Radical SR8 LM set the fastest production car lap of the Nürburgring all the way back in August 2009.

Driven by Michael Vergers the Radical SR8 LM manages to set a blisteringly fast lap time of just 6:48. A record which has now stood for over 6 years!

Radical no longer produce the SR8 LM but if you fancy having a stab at the record you can pick up it’s successor, the Radical SR8 RX, from just £88,750 plus VAT.

  • PRICE (AS-TESTED): £97,750
  • POWERTAIN: Powertec RPB 72 Degree 2.6 ltr V8, 454 hp, rear engined
  • WEIGHT: 650 kg
  • 0-60 MPH: 2.7 sec
  • TOP SPEED: 175 mph