With the launch of the new James Bond film Spectre just weeks away excitement is building around what to expect from the worlds favourite super spy. One thing we do know is that 007 will be driving his favourite brand of car as Aston Martin once again have teamed up with the films creators to produce a unique model the Aston Martin DB10. The car is strictly being built for the film and won’t make production which is a real shame as it’s a beautiful looking car. Aston Martin have said though that the DB10 represents the design direction that we can expect from future products.

What else do we know about the DB10?

We know the car is based on the V8 Vantage chassis and will feature a range of gadgets to keep Bond out of trouble but what’s the DB10 actually like to drive? Well the lucky guys over at XCAR have been given behind the scenes access to the car and produced this great video. We can’t wait to see the new Bond film spectre when it hits cinemas on October 26 in the UK and November 6 in the US. But what we really can’t wait for is to see what Aston Martin’s next production car will look like and if some of the seductive styling from the DB10 will reach the road going cars.