French manufacturer Alpine have unveiled their latest sports car concept ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut in March. The Vision Concept bears a striking resemblance to the Alpine A110 which the company is using its main design influence for the car.

We really like this modern take on the classic design and the vision concept design certainly stands out as being bold and different. If Alpine can match the performance with the stylish retro inspired looks then we think the car could do well in the sports car sector.

Alpine haven’t confirmed many details on the final production car or the name but says the latest vision concept is around 80% of what can be expected from the final car. What we do know is that the car is a two-seat mid-engined, rear wheel drive sports car with a focus on light weight performance.

We don’t yet know the final engine specifications but Alpine has confirmed it will use a four-cylinder, turbocharged power unit with paddleshift gearbox much like the Renaultsport Clio 200 Turbo. One area of the cars performance that we do know though is that the car will have a 0-62mph time of ‘under 4.5 seconds’.

The Alpine is expected to go on sale sometime in 2017 with as estimated price in the £40,000 range. This would put it in competition with Alfa Romeo’s 4C sports car and Porsche’s Boxster.

We really look forward to seeing the return to the Alpine brand and finding out more about the Vision Concept at Geneva